Humans in Flight is a collection of pictures and first-hand narratives of people who had to flee their homelands - and the people who helped them find light in the darkness.
Along the way, they made incredible journeys to hell and back, until finally building new lives in their adopted homeland of Canada. They are some of the most talented, resilient people out there. Their stories will move, dismay and inspire you.

Humans in Flight goes beyond being a mere collection of stories. It's a platform with a human touch, driven by a mission to shatter stereotypes, build bridges of understanding, and stand up for refugee people. We're here to amplify the voices of these remarkable individuals and their real-life experiences, with the sincere hope of nurturing empathy, sparking action, and paving the way for a society that's more embracing and caring.

Come, embark on this transformational journey with us as we raise a toast to the incredible lives, talents, and contributions of newcomers in Canada. Together, we'll be the advocates of a world where every people of refugee's story resonates and every journey discovers a haven of belonging.

From sponsorship to settlement, find it here.

Personal tales from the global diaspora.

Bringing hope to an international refugee crisis.