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Humans in Flight is a platform committed to amplifying the power of self-representation. We strongly believe that sharing authentic stories in the voices of refugees is crucial for fostering understanding and empathy towards them. Our mission is to provide a platform where refugees can narrate their journeys through storytelling, photography, and short films. Through these mediums, we hope to inspire and encourage people worldwide to learn about migration and the resilient experiences of refugee people. By giving voice to these stories, we aim to bring positive changes in policies and discussions that impact the lives of refugees.

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Our Vision

Humans in Flight has a vision of a world where every displaced person, asylum seeker and refugee is welcomed and celebrated for their unique stories, resilience, and contributions. Our mission is to promote positive change by using the transformative power of storytelling, photography, and art to break down barriers and foster empathy. 

We aim to create a global community that embraces diversity and uplifts the human spirit by sharing stories that challenge stereotypes. Throughout history, we have amplified the voices of refugees and displaced people, advocating for their rights and freedom.  Our impact has been felt in increased awareness, empathy, and a more inclusive society.

Our Programs

Join Humans in Flight, a storytelling initiative that celebrates the stories of newcomers, refugees and their allies who are activists, advocates, and changemakers. Through photography and short films, we encourage empathy, challenge stereotypes, and inspire positive change. Let's make a difference together!

Showcasing Stories of Refugee people, Activists, Advocates, and Changemakers

Artistic Thrive Initiative

 Empowering Newcomer Artists in Canada

Global Refugee Art Initiative

 Supporting Emerging Refugee Writers and Artists Worldwide

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