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Join the Flight: Empower Refugees, Transform Lives

At Humans in Flight, we strongly believe that collective action has the power to transform lives and empower refugees to represent themselves. We provide various ways for you to get involved and help us create a future where every refugee has a voice.



Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Storytelling Workshops: Share your passion for storytelling by volunteering in our interactive workshops. Help refugees express their experiences through writing, visual arts, and multimedia.

  • Digital Platform Moderators: Support our online community by moderating our digital storytelling platform, ensuring a safe space for self-expression.


Citizen Journalism Advocates:

Empower refugees to become citizen journalists. Contribute your skills in journalism, digital media, and ethical reporting to our initiatives, fostering a robust exchange of perspectives.

War Zone Journalists
Image by Amauri Mejía


Art and Literature Enthusiasts:

Join our team dedicated to fostering creative expression. Whether you're into painting, literature, music, or photography, your skills can help refugees showcase their talents in exhibitions and events.


Advocacy Champions:

Be a driving force in our advocacy training programs. Equip refugees with the skills needed to engage with policymakers, media, and communities, challenging misrepresentations and advocating for their rights.

#StopHazaraGenocide (92 of 103)_edited.jpg
Production Crew


Media Production Collaborators:

Collaborate with our refugee-led media production unit. Contribute to the creation of documentaries, short films, and podcasts that amplify refugee voices and share their stories with a broader audience.


Community Builders:

Participate in community integration events. Join us in organizing cultural exchange programs, festivals, and dialogues that bridge gaps between refugees and host communities.

Beauty Vlogger


Legal Aid and Rights Advocates:

Collaborate with legal professionals to provide workshops on refugee rights, legal processes, and avenues for support. Empower refugees with knowledge and tools to access legal assistance.

Fists in Solidarity


Youth Empowerment Advocates:

Engage in programs designed to empower young refugees. Contribute to leadership workshops, skill-building activities, and mentorship programs that guide young individuals toward a successful future.

Image by Dylan Gillis


Tech and Digital Literacy Guides:

Share your digital skills in workshops that empower refugees to navigate the online world. Assist with social media usage, online communication, and utilizing digital platforms for self-representation.

Legal Advice


Collaborative Partners:

Explore collaborative partnerships with universities, cultural institutions, and businesses. Contribute to internship and job placement opportunities, fostering economic independence for refugees.


Join the Flight Today!

Your commitment can make a difference. Contact us to explore how you can contribute and be a part of a transformative journey. Together, we can rewrite narratives and build a future where every voice has the opportunity to soar.

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